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Are you looking for a safe and healthy alternative for working out?   Do you need a way to lower stress, lose weight, improve your overall health and well-being?

Fitness Plus, LLC is a completely virtual health coaching and personal training resource for women, ages 40-65 years of age.  We understand the challenges women face in this age range and we are committed to providing safe and effective programs to reach and maintain well-being.

Virtual Fitness Resource

Fitness Plus offers a safe workout environment that is also cost effective.  Workout from home with minimal need for high cost gym equipment.  Fitness Plus offers creative and effective exercises that are easily adapted to use at home. 

Fitness Plus understands the new challenges facing our clients and our ONLINE only workout environment is designed with your needs in mind.


Fitness Plus offers 3 month memberships because we know our customers want and need flexible options for fitness.  Fitness Plus won't lock you in for one year like most larger fitness facilities.   Our ONLINE classes and personal training also offer tailored options for our clients so you can maximize the fitness options based on your schedule.  Convenience, flexibility, and complete safety and social distancing makes Fitness Plus your best ONLINE option for getting and staying healthy.


We're happy to launch our brand new virtual community for our visitors, clients or anyone who is over the age of 50. Connect with real people from all over the United states. Discuss health, dating, money or whatever you like. share posts, videos and images and design your own profile.

Personal Fitness Instructor

Melanie Meade, owner and managing partner of Fitness Plus, brings 20 years of business experience and personal fitness instruction to her studio in Leland. Ms. Meade holds a masters degree in psychology as well as completing seven years of doctoral study in educational psychology.

She is a certified behavioral change specialist, certified personal trainer and has taught college level psychology. Her extensive personal and educational background allows Ms. Meade to excel in the areas of motivational instruction, positive motivational encouragement and superior goal setting techniques.

Health and Well Being

Call Fitness Plus today for more information on how to get healthy and stay healthy.   Fitness Plus is committed to helping women achieve and maintain a quality of life that doesn't have to decline as we get older.  Call today and let us know how we can help you.  (910)795-6060

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