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Fitness Plus offers 3 month memberships because we know our customers want and need flexible options for fitness.  Fitness Plus won't lock you in for one year like most larger fitness facilities.   Our ONLINE classes and personal training also offer tailored options for our clients so you can maximize the fitness options based on your schedule.  Convenience, flexibility, and complete safety and social distancing makes Fitness Plus your best ONLINE option for getting and staying healthy.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Plus offers online only fitness classes that offer flexibility and provide safe social distancing.  Fitness Plus understands that individual schedules require greater flexibility than ever before.  Our clients can tailor the workout to the individual fitness needs by mixing and matching classes.  Fitness Plus offers low impact aerobics, stretching, strengthening, toning, and our clients can choose to participate in live ZOOM classes or watch recorded class videos to workout at a time that is accommodating the the clients schedule.

Personal Training

At Fitness Plus, because all of our classes are virtual, our clients can workout with a personal trainer at competitive rates with greater flexibility.  Our training schedule allows the client to choose the number of classes each week for personal training and the client has the flexibility to mix personal training and fitness classes to maximize the fitness goals.  Our competitive rates also enhance the client's ability to work with a personal trainer more frequently if desired.  Personal training sessions include a free fitness assessment, goal setting practices, and individually tailored fitness programs.

Lifestyle and Wellness Change Program

Fitness Plus offers clients a 10-week program that is flexible and offers the client referral services to registered dietician.  This program offers the same flexibility as memberships for our clients.  Clients can mix and match personal training sessions with fitness classes, work solely with a personal trainer or simply work out with classes to reach a fitness goal.  This program is also tailored to create a uniquely individual experience with goal assessment, journaling activities, dietician referrals, and each client is given weekly updates through phone check-ins and motivational emails sent weekly.

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