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Do you ever feel like your mind is racing?

Good morning!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!! So, as we wrap up another week, I have more great information. Do you feel like your mind won’t shut down? Do you wish you had a button like your smart phone or your computer that just turns off the world for a while? I know we all sometimes wish we had that all important delete button!!!!! So why is it so hard to shut down our thoughts? We never truly learned the importance of being mindful. We always race to the next conquest, the next acquisition, the next…… and so we never let ourselves truly rest. Guess what???? Your body is pretty smart and will shut you down if the rest is truly needed to preserve health.

We always keep wishing for more time. Here is the bottom line; we all have 7 days in the week and 24 hours in each day. This means we all get 168 hours each week to accomplish dreams, goals, required activities and to maintain our health and sanity. 168 hours a week!!!! So, if we break down our typical schedule, we try to sleep 7-8 hours a night. So for ease of calculation, lets say that we sleep 8 hours and we work 8 hours at least five of the seven days each week. That takes away 16 hours of the 24 hours five days of the week. Now we have two days where we have just 8 hours of sleep (Saturday and Sunday).

So two days a week we have 16 hours to shop, eat, do housework, yard work, play with the kids, go to the park, to the beach, etc. I think we all get the picture. We then start to get anxious before Sunday even gets close. We’re anxious to get to the weekend to get away from work and to have free time, then we’re anxious when Sunday evening arrives and we have to go back to work. We never really live. We spend far too much time worrying about the future rather than living in the moment. Does this sound familiar?

So, how do we reduce this anxiety? How can we break this cycle? Well, first off; why don’t we write down priorities? Sit down, have your journal, and write. What has to be done? What has to be accomplished? What do we need and want to achieve? Hmmmm, sounds like the goals process again, huh? We have to have some idea of what we need to do, what we want to do, and what we want to achieve not just each day, but each week, each quarter, or each year. December is a great time to reflect and review what we managed to accomplish. January is a great time to set new limits.

Now, I’m not saying limited resolutions, which we all tend to set to start the first day of each year. I’m talking about making new CHALLENGES!!!! Getting out of our comfort zone for more than a few weeks. Really committing to growth and learning. This is far more exciting and motivating than setting resolutions. It also gives us a reason to get out of any ruts we have fallen into. Routines are boring. This is why I also recommend that when we set our workout program, we set challenging programs.

So, as we go into this next 48 hours, make the most of each moment that you are not sleeping. That means 32 hours are yours to organize, structure, challenge and think about some new challenges we wish to make happen. Then we write out the steps, the plans, and we begin; one small step at a time, to transform and grow. Remember everyone, stay healthy, stay focused, and stay hydrated!!!! Get organized and reach for the stars!!!!!

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

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