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Holidays and stress management

Good afternoon!!!!! I hope we are all doing well today. I’ve already done 40 minutes on the rowing machine today, worked with a colleague on the business end of some issues and I’m staying true to my journey with my vitamin/mineral intake, water intake, and watching those calories to ensure they are both nutritious and healthy. So, now you may wonder; how do you combat holiday stress with work, family, shopping, financial stressors, etc? Well, I’ve been there and in some ways I’m still there, but on a much smaller scale.

This year has been like no other year we’ve experienced in the past. And the past 20 years; OMG, we have struggled through a substantial recession in 2008-2012, fought our way back and now we have the unforgettable pandemic!!!! So, for 2021, are we setting more cautious goals, are we simply trying to hold on, or are we going for broke? Are we going to finally sit down, write out some worthwhile goals, set an outline on steps towards those goals, and really follow through? Or will we set grandiose, pie in the sky intentions and know that we are doomed to repeat history and lose momentum around March or April?

Why not make 2021 the best year yet? Why not set some pie in the sky intentions and actually strive to reach them? And why don’t we finally take to heart the need to practice many health related habits to achieve real results this time? We are capable of this. Right? Absolutely!!!!! Will we have to put in some true effort? Yes!!! Any goal worth reaching requires effort!!!! So, let’s test our willpower, dream big and relax to allow the ideas and energy to flow freely through us.

We can begin with baby steps. When we first open our eyes, lie still for a few moments and focus on your breathing. Take in a few deep breaths, release the tension and remind ourselves (speaking to ourselves quietly) that today is going to be a great day. We are grateful for being alive, awake, and having no major health issues or disease. If we are battling some type of illness, let us be grateful that the health issue is minor and we still have the ability to walk. If we are restricted with mobility, let us promise ourselves to stretch and do what is within our power to be kind and help others.

The next step we can take is to drink on full glass of water. You can make the water warm with lemon, honey and, if you’re brave enough, add a shot of apple cider vinegar. Then, grab the coconut or olive oil and start oil pulling while you are in the shower. This clears bacteria from the mouth and helps us start with three positive habits right from the moment we open our eyes; gratitude, hydration and oil pulling. This can greatly improve our attitude and outlook for the day. Next, when we get into our car to drive to work (if applicable), then put on soothing music like soft jazz or classical.

Remember, how you begin the day determines the tone for the entire day. Do you want to waste any more time being negative, stressed, or unhappy? Or, would you rather make each day brighter, healthier, happier? Would you like to actually stop talking about helping someone in need and actually do something kind for a stranger? Giving has been scientifically proven to lift our mood and help us to feel happier. So, as we continue this journey and move closer to ending another year, let us focus on what we did right, try to correct our mistakes, and let us make 2021 the best year yet!!!!!!

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.


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