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How to be safe when working out at home

Many people worry that working out at home may not 
be as safe. Some simple tips can help you ensure
 that your workout area is safe. First, make sure you 
have good equipment that is not worn or damaged. 
Also, you want to make sure there are no rugs that 
create trip and fall hazards. Lastly, have a phone 
nearby just in case you do somehow get injured so that 
you can call for help. 
You always, always, always want to make sure your
 doctor has cleared you to start an exercise program.
You also want to be sure that you start slowly, simply
 because after being sedentary, your body needs time
 to adapt to getting active again. 
Once you have set up your workout area, you want
 then you can begin your warm up. Have plenty of space to move around and make sure any furniture is out of the way.

If you are doing a chair exercise program, you want to make sure the chair
Is sturdy, the chair is in a position that gives you 
room to lift your legs, extend your legs, and to move freely. It is also important to have your equipment close to your chair, but not in a spot where you will keep hitting the equipment. If you will be mixing the 
exercises by standing and sitting, make sure the weights
 or other equipment is not somewhere you can step on 
them and possibly trip or fall. 
You can also use the wall or the counter tops in the 
kitchen or if you have an open floor plan and a kitchen island, then you have an almost ideal set up for doing modified squats, push ups, and stretches. If the floor 
covering is different in the kitchen versus the living room
 which is typical, then be sure you are wearing good
 stable shoes to prevent slipping and falling.

With some simple precautions, preparation, and 
careful planning, there is no reason not to get a good
 workout in the home. Your schedule may need to be
 adjusted if you work for an employer and you are on
 modified work from home orders. Just remember, that
 planning and preparation will always help you get the most benefit from your schedule. I hope everyone is staying
 healthy, hydrated and focused. Remember that with
 small steps, and with careful and thoughtful planning, you can
 reach some amazing goals. While it does take some 
work, any goals worth achieving are always worth the 

 Have a wonderful weekend.

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.


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