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Low Impact Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are great, but boy can they make your bottom uncomfortable!!!! Have you ever gotten so excited about a spin class (before our worlds went into the twilight zone with COVID-19)? Loving the biking workout, getting your glow on, and then it’s over and WOW!!!!! Your bottom is sore, irritated, etc. Well, there are ways to combat this issue so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite cardio workout. There are specialized bike shorts with extra padding. There are also specialized seats. So, don’t despair!!!!

I spent 45 minutes today on the bike, doing low impact cardio. The advantages; I could do light weights with my bike workout. I could also give my knees some much needed rest without doing the treadmill or walking around my neighborhood. Cement is very hard on the joints, so if you run or walk outside, be sure you have very good shoes to absorb the impact and change them regularly. This is so important. Injuries are not just limited to muscle sprains and strains or broken bones. Overuse injuries and shin splints can sideline the best of us as well.

I considered briefly on whether I wanted to walk my neighborhood today or go to the gym (day 4 this week). I chose the gym, and happy I did, as the wind had picked up considerably while I was working out. I also had the advantage of various weights to choose from to add to my cardio. I did not push hard, knocked out 45 minutes and during the first 15 minutes, I added weights for the arms and shoulders. This allowed me to burn over 650 calories and I did not overdo anything. I also kept my body in fat burning mode with the low impact exercise.

So, as we come to the end of another great week, we can add more tools and ones that can add effective workouts without pushing our bodies too far. Also, remember that the intensity of your workout also should dictate the amounts of protein, carbs, and fats in the diet. We don’t want to burn into the protein stores by ramping up the exertion level too high. So, as we head into Friday and a weekend of change (month, temperature, etc.), let us stay focused, stay healthy and stay hydrated!!!

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

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