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Paradigms-How to calm the mind

Happy Friday!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. This will be a final outline for this week related to paradigms and how to calm the mind and harness our thoughts. Remember, earlier in the week, we examined how paradigms become theories and habits we integrate into our daily life. We choose to tell our brain whether we have the ability to accomplish certain tasks or goals. We essentially start to begin our self-image and that can be a positive self-image or a negative self-image. Input from friends, family, and influential adults such as clergy or teachers can also impact our perception of self.

We can change incorrect perceptions, but it will take work and time. It is well worth the effort to evolve into a positive, competent person and with the right tools, this is achievable. One important step we must take is probably one of the most difficult, but it helps us see the error in our thought processes. Sit down and be honest and write up a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Honesty with our own self can be very difficult for many reasons. Examine carefully what you are good at, what you need to improve and start the process of learning to love who you are; faults and all!!!!!

Once you have compiled your list, then choose three strengths and three weaknesses. Make these three the first of your transformation from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. Make sure you are in a quiet area, free from distraction, when you make your choices and really focus on more heavily on the strengths. Understand that you must address the weaknesses, but don’t let the weaknesses become reinforcement for false perceptions. Again, this is not easy, but any endeavor worth completing is not easy!!!!

As you examine the strengths, put up notes all over the home. On mirrors, in drawers, in clothing pockets, and even put notes in your car. These notes will help reinforce positive thoughts. Also, be very diligent and selective about what you listen to on the radio. One habit I need to personally work harder on is listening to recordings from Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, and other positive innovators who teach us how to effectively use our minds and redirect our thoughts. This is important. You may have other favorites or additions to these innovators, and that is fantastic!!! Use all necessary resources you can to improve.

Next, while you are aware of the weaknesses, seek out positive ways to improve and reduce the weakness. For example, if you lack knowledge in a particular area and want to increase your knowledge, read!!!! Go to the library, research online, find that information and learn!!!!! Remember that all weaknesses are not equal. For example, some may consider empathy a weakness. It is not!!!! Empathy is admirable and allows you to relate to others in times of need and suffering.

As you tackle each strength and each weakness, change the list. Remember also that changes typically take at least 21-30 days to change negative habits to positive habits. Focus on correcting negative thoughts when they try to overwhelm you or overtake you. Don’t focus on what you see as a weakness, but also do not allow someone to influence your self-perception negatively. If someone says something negative about you, consider this; would you accept any opinion from someone you would not accept advice from? This is critical.

Remove negative people from your life. This can be hard as sometimes the most negative people we know are family. If someone truly and unconditionally loves you, they help you through struggles, seek out ways to reinforce your good traits and they don’t smother you or hinder you. Friends, family, clergy, mentors; all are critical people to help you grow and inspire you to reach new heights or they can tear you down and try to steal your fire and hope. I have often learned that those who are secretly intimidated by you will tell you false information and try to undermine your self-confidence. DON’T LET THEM STEAL YOUR THUNDER!!!!!

Remember, as we head into another weekend of social distancing, potential self-isolation, and restricted gatherings; stay safe, stay hydrated, and stay healthy. Remember also to love you as you hope to have others love you. Self-love is so important!!!! Also remember to take some time and give yourself some self care. Relax in the warm bubble bath, have a nice glass of wine and read a good book or listen to some of your favorite music. Let’s grow and be stronger!!!! Seek quiet, seek solitude, and seek well-being.

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

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