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Vision-Making health happen

Friday and into another weekend we go. What changes have you made? Any? What goals, what plans, what successes are you envisioning to create? Are you ready to make tomorrow, next week, next month, next year a better and healthier life for yourself? And why do we have so much to think about when it is Friday and we should have the weekend off? Well, envision this; disease, sickness, ill health NEVER take the weekend off. So why not start now to make tomorrow better? Why not start now to make health happen rather than allow disease and sickness to slide in and steal our thunder?

With any successful outcome, there is a start with a grand vision. The internet started with a grand vision. The Wright brothers started with a grand vision. They didn’t have to know how to make the vision a reality. The dreamers simply had to believe and work each day to make that grand vision a reality. And here we are; able to fly anywhere in the world, able to access any material (Good or bad) through the use of the internet. Imagine if we had NO contact with others right now except by phone. Phones without cameras, phones without texting capabilities. Just sound and memory of our loved ones.

This vision is not one that many people can imagine, but at one time, all we had were “landlines,” all we had were libraries full of wonderful books and information that we didn’t “envision” as valuable. At one time, we had to take large ships from one continent to another. If our travels were restricted to the contiguous 48 states, we could drive from one state, one town to another. While many changes have occurred over the last decade, the last century, etc., many things remain relatively consistent. We cannot eat high amounts of fatty foods and stay thin. We cannot sit on the couch watching television after sitting for hours at a desk to work and not have detrimental health impacts.

So, as we finish our week of vision and how to use vision to create change, let’s make positive changes. Let’s go for water instead of soda, let’s go for a salad instead of a super size meal of fast food. Let’s go for a walk to the store that is a 1/4 mile or less from our home and get things like milk or bread to tide us over through the weekend instead of going to grocery store hungry and getting more than we need and adding more temptation for junk food to our selection of snacks. Let’s take time to read about something important and turn off the television and technology that overwhelms us right now.

Let’s call a loved one or a friend and just talk. Let’s take a nice long, hot bubble bath with some scented epsom salts and candles and revel in the relaxation and silence. Let’s take a hike through a wooded trail or a walk on the beach and breathe some fresh air. Yes, right now there are places (California, the Gulf Coast) where we cannot enjoy the outdoors as much, but when we start setting our visions, let’s add taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature. Let’s take the time to love ourselves and see how much good we can do if we want to make changes. Change ourselves for the better then start helping others to change for the better.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, full of love, laughter, and happiness. I hope you take that walk, make that dream list or vision board and start focusing on what makes YOU happy. I hope that you take the time to tell people who are special to you how much they mean to you. And lastly, I hope you stay focused, stay hydrated and stay healthy. Until next week, enjoy my friends. Life is short; so make the most of each and every second!!!!!

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Melanie Meade

Ms. Meade has over 20 years in the business sector. Ms. Meade also has experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instruction, and as a psychology instructor. Ms. Meade is an avid fitness enthusiast and works hard to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

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