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Lessons learned from COVID-19

I often think a lot about the fitness routines I have and have had in the past. I also often reflect during my workouts on how COVID-19 is a blessing and a curse. We have lost socialization as we knew it where we went out and met friends and did our shopping, etc. Now we hear a cough nearby and we become anxious or wonder should that person be tested? We even worry when we have a cough or a sneeze now, where not that long in the past, we simply knew it was just an allergic reaction or some dust that triggered the sneeze.

As I continue to reflect on the current status of our “new normal,” I see so much potential. We can finally explore options that seemed near impossible before this virus closed everything down. The important thing is that we need to be honest, we need to do thorough research, and we need to start looking at life differently now. We have always had the options to work from home, given we could present a strong enough case and that we were lucky enough to work for an open-minded and true leader within an organization.

As we move forward, let’s take advantage of our “extra time.” Let’s really examine what is important, what is possible and what our true potential can be. Age is not a factor here as we can all contribute valuable information and opportunities to this new world while it is still evolving. Remember, view life from two perspectives; how can I become better and how can I help the world around me become better. Stay positive, stay safe and healthy, and stay tuned for more positive encouragement.

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