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Lessons learned from COVID-19

I often think a lot about the fitness routines I have and have had in the past. I also often reflect during my workouts on how COVID-19 is a blessing and a curse. We have lost socialization as we knew it where we went out and met friends and did...

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Goal Setting – Part 1

What are your goals for health and wellness? Have you ever set goals to get healthier? What were your objectives? We have to create a plan, make a road map, or write down where we want to go and what we want to achieve. So, to help you get started,...

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How can CBD oil help with menopause?

Ladies, please review this article and think about how this could benefit you. I’m right there with you, battling the weight gain, the joint pain, the night sweats, etc. This is some great information on how we can transition through menopause...

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How many of us set goals? How many of us monitor those goals? Ladies, I hope this post finds you happy healthy and well. This blog helps us understand goals and why they are important. Imagine you are going on a road trip. You have your destination,...

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